About us

Your unique knowledge is the world's strength.

Our inspiration

We believe in the uniqueness of people. That’s why we want to gather them. We can learn from everybody and everybody is valuable to the world.
We believe that people should be able to develop any skill they want. We want to empower them to share their knowledge while getting knowledge from others.

The problem

The conventional education system is seat-time based; A student must spend X years in school to be considered literate or worthy. A considerable proportion of students are passively spending time in classes, dragging themselves along. In this model, the time spent in classrooms is fixed while the level of achievement is variable.


Hubbing is a movement for education. We believe that every human individual has the right for a quality education. And we want to empower the people to teach and learn from each other.
We believe that experiential learning can be a strong tool to do both, understand the world better and improve one’s ability to think critically.
We will provide experiential learning exercises that can be done in small groups for various topics. And we want to encourage learners to meet and learn together in diverse groups.
We want to make commonplace a system of education that offers a whole lot of room for exploration and demands a fixed level of achievement rather than seat-time.
Experiential learning IS the future. It’s inevitable. We’re just trying to reach that future a bit sooner.

We will launch soon

We are in our testing phase right now.
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If you live in Oslo, Vienna or La Paz, you can become part of our testing groups. Just contact us.

Motivated people create a future worth living in

We were part of Young Sustainable Impact's (YSI) global innovation program. YSI chooses participants who are highly motivated and have a strong vision for the future but not yet a business idea.
Business ideas are then developed during a 4.5 months online program and the first time the participants meet in real life is at the final two weeks long accelerator in Oslo.
The founders of Hubbing were part of the 2018 cohort. Find a documentary about the program here.